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Process and Energy Management Catalog

Complete Catalog

(PDF - 2.39MB)

Complete Catalog –

Catalog includes Featured Products, Temperature Sensors & Transducers for industrial, smokehouse or HVAC applications; Pressure and Humidity Transmitters, Wind Measuring Instruments, Air Quality Monitors, Controllers, Indicators, Recorders, Signal Conditioners.


Meteorological Catalogs

Wind Instrumentation

(PDF - 1.23MB)

Wind Instrumentation –

Features our Ultrasonic, Classic, Compact and Clima 2000 wind speed and direction systems.

Temperature Humidity and Pressure Instrumentation

(PDF - 1.38MB)

Temperature Humidity and Pressure Instrumentation -

Features our transmitters, recorders and indicators for atmospheric temperature and humidity and barometric pressure. Also included are hard to find instrumentation such as leaf wetness transmitters and tensiometers.


(PDF - 1.49MB)

Precipitation -

Features rain and snow meters recorders and transmitters as well as evaporation pans and transmitters.


(PDF - 671KB)

Radiation -

Features instrumentation such as sunshine recorders, sunshine indicators, brightness transmitters, global radiation pyranometers, shadow rings, pyrradiometer, albedometer, UVAB sensor, PAR sensor, and heat flux plates .


Aqua-Boy Catalog

Moisture Measurement in Solids

(PDF - 1.12MB)

Moisture Measurement in Solids –

Features our Aqua-boy, Aqua-Picccolo and specialty electrodes for moisture in solids.


AC Current Monitoring Sensors Catalog

AC Current Monitoring Sensors Catalog

(PDF - 1.05MB)

Energy Monitoring Sensors -

Features AC current switches and transducers as well as technical notes.


Binding Posts

AC Current Monitoring Sensors Catalog

(PDF - 404KB)

Binding Posts, Sockets, Lead-through Bolts

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